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Saddle cloth

Our company has produced and delivered Saddle cloth and other racing gear to JRA, and TCK races, as well as for Graded races held at other local racecourses.

JRAfs Saddle cloth is classified into two major types.

Saddle cloth for racing (worn during races)

We collect plastic bottles which are disposed of at racetracks, and recycle them into the fabric of Saddle cloths, as part of our engagement with environmental issues.

1. Cut horse name sheet 2.Press and Transfer the name on number cloth
3.Check if the name and number are correct.

JRA Horse-Racing Saddle Cloth Nonslip Sheet Explanatory Diagram

Saddle cloth for training (worn during daily training)

Saddle cloth management and
distribution duties at Miho Training Center.

Above the actual images from the making of Saddle cloth for Deep Impact which became the sixth triple-crown horse (and second ever undefeated triple-crown horse) in 2005.