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We are involved in printing and production of Racing Programs,
Race Results Bulletins, etc.

Racing Programs are usually given out to the racing fans at the racecourses and the gWINSh off-track betting facilities. In addition, they are also widely used by members of the press, racing officials and stable-related personnel. Work on the Racing Programs begins after the declaration of starting order the day before the race meeting and it is a highly specific operation involving abrupt changes such as the removal of non-starters, changes of jockey as well as the ability to promptly manage the cancellation of a race meeting due to a change in date, and finally, delivering the programs to racecourses and WINS throughout the country by the morning of the next day.
Currently, we are using gRMSh Racing-Program Management System, which tracks in real time the progress from printing to delivery, to manage the delivery to all locations.

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