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Medical Supplies and Equipment

We sell veterinary medicine and related products

Our company is licensed in pharmaceutical distribution, general sales of veterinary medicine and general sales of poisonous and deleterious substances. We supply veterinary medicine and related products mainly to Ritto and Miho Training Centers, JRA Equestrian Park, JRA Horseracing School, JRA Equine Research Institute ? Sports Science Research Center, Training and Research Centers and racecourses holding race meeting.

In particular, we have opened drugstores at Ritto and Miho Training Centers and assigned a full-time veterinarian and we are able to respond to emergency requests from the JRA Racehorse Hospital as well as from practicing veterinarians.

In order to avoid the contamination of drugs prohibited by the Horse Racing Act of Japan or prohibited through other notifications, our drugstores distribute only those products that have passed inspection by the inspection agency.

In regards to medical devices, we provide urine sample collection bottles, infusion sets and acupuncture needles, all which were developed by our company.

Drugstore at Miho Training Center

Drugstore at Ritto Training Center

Ritto Training Center drugstore