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Maintenance of tracks and garden landscaping

We support in ensuring the safety of the racehorses and exciting racing

We carry out all-round maintenance throughout the year of JRA’s racecourses and training centers’ tracks and other facilities relating to race horses. At the racecourse, we take extreme care of tracks to offer gentle and easy-to-run surfaces for the horses as well as providing fair running conditions to all the racehorses. We also carry out maintenance and landscaping of gardens to keep them beautiful and clean, providing an appropriate setting for welcoming racing fans to the racecourses.
During weekdays when there are no races, we conduct careful daily maintenance work in preparation for the next race meeting.
At the training centers, we carry out daily maintenance to ensure the best track conditions in order to make sure no trouble arises during training.

Tracks Garden Landscaping
  Racecourse Tracks   Racecourses, Training Centers
  Turf course     Pruning and trimming of plants
  Dirt course   Pest control
  Steeplechase course   Transplanting and planting trees
  Making flowerbeds using potted plants
Training Center Tracks   irrigation
  Dirt course
  Woodchip course
  Woodchip uphill course
  Turf course
  Steeplechase course
  Forest promenade
  Polytrack course
  Other training courses

Mowing the turf course

Parching the turf course after each race

Sprinkling of water using an automatic sprinkler

Harrowing the dirt course

Harrowing the woodchip course

Harrowing the polytrack

Mending the fences of the steeplechase course Laying a cheesecloth on the lawn to quicken the growth Planting cyclamen in the paddock