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Management of facilities

We monitor the training of horses at the stable areas of racecourses and training centers as well as manage the facilities.

1. Monitoring of training

We monitor the training of horses at Ritto Training Center and Miho Training Center in order to avoid accidents and ensure the safety of humans and horses.

Monitoring training at Miho Training Center

Monitoring the strolling promenade

Monitoring training at Ritto Training Center

2. Equine Swimming Pool

We operate and manage the Equine Swimming Pool, which acts as one of the training facilities for improving the racehorsesf ability, and work to create a safe environment that will enable all stable-related personnel to use these swimming facilities with ease.

Water treadmill(Walking training using artificial water current)
Training in the swimming pool Training in the circular pool

3. Prevention of epidemics

We disinfect the stalls and their surroundings regularly based on an epidemic-prevention plan. In addition, we also disinfect the stall whenever a horse has been replaced.


4. Shipment of sample

Urine or blood samples of the first, second and third horses in a race, or any other requested horse, are extracted at the sample collection center within the racecourse and based on the requirements of the Horse Racing Law as well as the Japan Racing Association Rules of Racing, the Samples are used for drug tests at an inspection institute. We send these extracted urine or blood samples to the testing authority.

5. Compost plant

The manure and bedding discarded daily from the stables at Ritto and Miho Training Centers are microbially fermented into compost in the compost plant, which is later sent to places with demand.


6. Other facilities

In order to provide comfortable living and facilities to all those involved in horseracing, we operate and manage a number of dormitories at the racecourses and training centers.

Wakakoma Dormitory for Jockeys (Miho) Jockeyfs quarter (Miho)