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Mission Statement

The mission of JRA Facilities is to support horseracing by JRA in order to serve to entertain and provide comfortable space for the horseracing fans, and provide the best environment for all staff involved in horseracing to carry out their duties.

Management Policy

  1. To continue to improve on the knowledge and skills cultivated over the years as specialists of horseracing facilities, we will carry out our operations smoothly and reliably, and provide safety, security and satisfaction for the horseracing fans.

  2. To take advantage of each and every employeefs capabilities, we will create a vibrant workplace. In addition, we will carry out social responsibilities in accordance with fair action ethics.

  3. To run the company in a fair and efficient manner, we will aim for stability and growth in order to earn the trust of the society. In addition, we will respond flexibly to changing times and explore new fields of business.